Network Builder Engine

Website PHP engine

NBE is an eco-friendly website engine or micro-framework write in PHP 7.3 to facilitate website deployment. The very light source code is compatible with all librairies css, js/jquery and php.


  •   Multi website
  •   Multilingual
  •   Url router
  •   Actions/views
  •   Php/html helpers
  •   Php/html forms
  •   Php/jquery captcha
  •   PHPMailer library
  •   Keywords generator
  • generator
  •   Fast loading
  •   Based on PHP 7
  •   OOP design
  •   Bootstrap 3 ready
  •   Source documentation


NBE makes it easy to set up multiple languages on a website.

{English text||Texte français}


English text

Keygen helper:

The keygen helper can generate words from an CSV file.

echo Keygen::getInstance()->words(3);


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Sitemap helper:

The sitemap helper automatically generates the sitemap according to the route configuration.

echo Sitemap::getInstance()->getData();


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><urlset xmlns=""><url><loc></loc><link xmlns="" rel="alternate" hreflang="fr" href=""/><changefreq>yearly</changefreq><priority>1</priority><lastmod>2019-01-01</lastmod></url><url><loc></loc><link xmlns="" rel="alternate" hreflang="fr" href=""/><changefreq>yearly</changefreq><priority>0.7</priority><lastmod>2019-01-01</lastmod></url></urlset>

Schema helper:

The schema helper can generate your structured data in JSON-LD format.

echo Schema::getInstance()->getData();


<script type="application/ld+json">{"@context":"","@type":"WebAPI","name":"NBE","url":"","description":"Website php 7 engine","address":"47 Route d'Espagne 31100 Toulouse France","openingHours":"","telephone":"+33(0)6 99 45 29 74","email":"","logo":"","image":"","priceRange":"€€€"}</script>

Audio helper:

The audio helper allows the insertion of audio file in a html5 page with php.

echo Audio::getInstance()->getHtml(HOST.'/medias/audio.mp3');


Video helper:

The video helper allows the insertion of video file in a html5 page with php.

echo Video::getInstance()->getHtml(
 [HOST.'/medias/video.mp4', HOST.'/medias/video.webm'],
 ['width' => 320, 'height' => 180]

Or the insertion of external video file.

echo Video::getInstance()->getEmbed(
 'youtube', '',
 ['width' => 320, 'height' => 180]

Version NBE

  PHP 7.3
  PHPMailer 6.0 | Medoo 1.7 | jQuery 2+
  2019 (c) Numébrique